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fka;lsdkaslkdf ~!!!

If you ever get the chance to go see Kaiju Big Battel, DO IT. I dunno if it's only a northeast thing, but. Wow.

Most epic night ever. The announcer was hot. And I got to keep a piece of a building. 8D And free shirts!

(Basically, it's a big combination spoof of pro wrestling and old Godzilla movies. People dressed as robots and monsters duke it out in a ring made to look like a small city, complete with styrofoam buildings to throw at each other. It's crazy and loud and generally full of fun.

More info here. 8] )

Not to mention I was in the best of company too~! ♥

EDIT. This is a video of the announcer, Louden, promoting the show I saw last night. He was such a spaz. I got to touch him afterwards. :D
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